Dr. Britta Denman’s Current Biography – September, 2011

Britta Denman is an Infectious Disease physician and President of Medica XXI, a nonprofit non-governmental organization dedicated to education of native clinical providers for culturally appropriate healthcare.
She received a Wellcome Trust educational grant to attend the “Advanced Proteomics Course: Bioinformatics” at the Hinxton (UK) Genome Campus in December 2010. Dr. Denman is first author of an invited article for Experimental Biology and Medicine entitled, “Emerging and Neglected Tropical Diseases: Translational Application of Proteomics.”  She is an invited Speaker at the 2nd Annual Congress of Biomarker (WCB-2011) which will be held from November 7 to 9, 2011 in Beijing, China with the theme, Making Direct Bioanalysis Nimble.

As an Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease, Dr. Denman was Associate Fellowship Director for Research and Medical Director of the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic, Onondaga County Health Department (NY, USA).  During this time she was a co-investigator on a clinical trial with Jacobus Pharmaceuticals on HIV associated dementia. Additionally, she was a co-investigator on NIH grant 1 RO1 AI091889-01 entitled, “T.vaginalis viruses as mucosal immunity modifiers with impact on women’s health.”

Dr. Denman is currently practicing at Lyndon Baines Johnson Tropical Medical Center in Pago Pago, American Samoa.  She has practiced clinical medicine in Malawi and completed the Gorgas Advanced Course for Tropical Medicine in Lima, Peru.

About Georgia Denman

MHA, University of Iowa, special interest in access to healthcare and International Health. MA+, Temple University, International Relations and Comparative Government; Also American Politics and Public Administration. BA, Drew University, Political Science; minor in Economics.
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  1. Updated Contact Information for Dr. Britta Denman:\

    Email: MedicaXXI@aol.com

    2214 Columbus Road
    Delano, Tennessee, 37325
    United States of America

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